Blend desktop client coming soon! Finally an alternative to Splice.

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It’s a few hours ago that the developers team working for have almost finished developing official desktop client! What are we talking about?

Proceed in order. First, for those who don’t know, what is Blend? is an online service that allows players from around the world to meet each other, to collaborate virtually and to create music together. All strictly free. You begin by creating an account in a few easy steps and continue uploading your own music system. Not a classic mp3 but the project directly to your sequencer or the steam version of your song. Supports the most popular software such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, GarageBand, Maschine, Pro Tools, Cubase and Nuendo, Cycling74 Max, Bitwing and Reason. The fact that other community members can “pullare” your project and remix it, edit it, improved (or make it worse:P) and will be able to republish their version. Assured the credits will automatically be maintained, nobody will steal ideas. Of course you too can download the projects of others and make your contribution.

The platform works very well and the currently active users are many! The roster also boasts several famous DJs and producers that provide some of their most famous songs. One of many is the great Moby!

To add a bit of challenge are always numerous remix contest. “Pulla” the project, you create a remix and republish on your system. The authors of the best remix can win prizes and even have their works distributed in digital stores from official label Blend. can also be used to make a backup to the cloud for their projects, not by making public your compositions, with the ability to save and keep track of any changes and to return to earlier versions of your work. Oh I forgot: space is unlimited! Really great!

But how do we upload our projects? He is currently only possible via Dropbox. By connecting your Dropbox account to Blend, you can sync a specific folder and all the projects it contains, and the various changes will be loaded automatically. We then we deciding what to make available to others.

After the floured on back to the subject of the article: the desktop client!

blend desktop client

With this new tool which will be available in the coming weeks, backing up our songs will be much faster and more convenient because we can synchronize our projects without the need to copy them into the Dropbox folder specification and in addition we have all blended services without the need to open the browser. We can receive notifications of new comments, messages and giveaway, pull directly on the desktop of your computer.

We hope that this welcome news comes soon. Long time customers Blend clamoring the desktop client, other similar services as Splice have already introduced.

While waiting for the new software join and share your songs … You can not do without!